Safety Innovations


Beck Industrial SafeJet System

Introducing the Beck Industrial SafeJet system. An innovative safety option that may eliminate the need for a ladder, and improve jobsite efficiency. Our field-proven collection hopper and drum washout system will save time, weight, chipping, fuel, water, cleaning chemicals, and most importantly – Driver safety, recruitment, morale and retention.

The Beck Industrial SafeJet system is the first big step towards removing ladders from concrete trucks, and the latest safety and efficiency innovation from Beck Industrial.

Take advantage of the first system to both reduce costs and injuries, while improving profitability and driver morale. Optional today on all new Beck mixers, and retrofit-able to most mixer makes and models.

View the SAFEJET (Manual) mixer washout system

Automated CAN Bus Powered Safejet – in field test, coming soon!

  • Patent Pending
  • Reduce or eliminate ladder use
  • Cut washout time in half
  • Save: weight, chipping, cleaning time, cleaning solutions, fuel, water, and man hours
  • Improve driver morale, recruitment, and retention


Ground-Parallel Ladder Rungs

  • 70% increase in boot/step contact
  • Reduced stress on arms, shoulders, and legs
  • Improved ascending/descending stability

Safety on Steps

Optional LED Safety Light Package

Powerful Grote LED lights positioned under the truck frame to cast light around the perimeter of the vehicle when work lights are active. Reduce your tripping and stumble related injuries with better night visibility and reduced maintenance cost of changing incandescent low light emitting “yellow” work lights.

  • Grote Trilliant® Mini Flush Mount LED WhiteLight Work Lamp
  • Available as a replacement / Upgrade bulb or complete lamp
  • Built specifically for industrial / marine equipment
  • 900 lumen output / lamp. 4x visibility increase
  • 50,000 hour rating vs 2,000 hour incandescent rating
  • Lower power consumption