Beck Industrial


Replacement Mixer Drums

Replacement mixer drums are available for your Beck, MTM, CBMW, or London mixer. Fill out and submit the form below.

Beck Industrial Custom fabricates your replacement drum to your specifications. Please measure to the center of the welds, and as accurately as possible to ensure a proper fit.

Replacement Drums

  • 1/4" 3/16"

    1/4" 3/16"

Identification Notes Description Dimension
A* Circumference
B* Flange to Seam
C* Circumference
D* Drum Track Width
E* Circumference
F* Total Length
G* Mouth Opening I.D.
H* Seam to Seam
I* Seam to Seam
J* Seam to Seam
K* 4-Piece Only Seam to Drum Track
L* 4-Piece Only Drum Track to Drip Ring
M* Flange to Drum Track
N* 3-Piece Only Seam to Drum Track

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